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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
calm yourself... I forgot them. I wasnt dismissing them. Wow, people get uptight. I was just listing anything that popped off my head... There are other leagues too!

And is that sarcasm on the bottom? No, I believe that Austria can send one or two teams that will compete fairly. Germany also has 2-3 teams. Slovakia has about 2-3 as well. And yes the Swiss have about 3-4.

If i created this tournament I would have

3 NHL (At least one playoff team, 1 east and 1 west. 2 Canadians and 1 USA)
3 KHL (Champion, 1 team from the east and 1 team from the west)

2 Swe (Champion, and playoff team)
2 Swiss (Champion and playoff team)
1 Fin (Champion)
1 Czech (Champion)
1 Aus (Champion)
1 Ger (Champion)

Wildcard--- Any other team away from the KHL, in Europe can go through a qualifying tournament to be the last two teams in the Champions league. Wildcard teams that wish to join must be a playoff team in their respective leagues within the top 10 ranked leagues or a runner up/champion in a previous European tournament of this or previous year

4 Groups... Each group hosted by 3 NHL teams and 1 KHL team (Champions)
Each group will have to play each team in that group once. Win, Tie, Loss. The two best record team will then go into a knockout bracket style tournament.

One game knockout to allow for more excitement and better possible upsets.
The bracket will be set up where the winners of each group will take on the 2nd winners of another group depending on record.

There will be a 3rd place game of the two losers in the semi finals. And a Championship game played. The NHL can host both these games.
I like the idea, but it's too many games/teams to be feasible IMO. In an ideal world, sure, but I think it would be a MONUMENTAL leap to convince just the Stanley Cup champion... or hell, if they are too tired to play, even the President's Trophy winner to come and play a meaningful championship game after a minimum of 86 (PT winner) or 98 (SC winner) games played over the season. If you're throwing neither the Cup champion or even the President's Trophy winner in the ring then it's bollocks, you might as well put the Columbus Blue Jackets out there. If you can convince them to play two more games I think it would be a massive victory for hockey globally.

I'm not trying to be North American centric here. This is the reality, the NHL sees itself as the world's best without playing a tournament already. Unless the rest of Europe bends over backwards to accommodate them it is unlikely we would see them as willing participants...or they get a huge cash prize for winning. Europe could of course have a Champions League without the NHL teams as a starting point/first step.

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