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11-21-2012, 12:56 PM
George Maharis
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I usually scout the top-15 teams during the season. The day before the draft, I check their profile and add up all the ratings then divide by 25 (#of ratings) and pick who seems to be the best player out of that. I'd say about 95% of the time I end up getting the best player in the draft doing it that way.

After the first round, I write the top 5/10 players that I may want to try and get, the team they were drafted by, overall out of the draft, and potential. I'll hand pick the first 3 round, any after that I trade the picks away for the next season. For the players I write down, I usually follow them for 5-6 seasons or until they hit their ceiling.

People think i'm an idiot for only doing the draft/free agency/trades and that stuff.. I'll play the first game of the season so I can personally get my rookies their first NHL goal.. and if I see that a player is about to break a record, i'll play the game to make sure he gets it. Other than that, the way I see it is that the mode is called Be a GM for a reason.. to BE A GM.

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