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11-21-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Hah, last night I told my girlfriend they need mind control remotes because I didn't want to lean over and grab it off the table from the couch.

The thing with Nintendo is they do a solid job with their programming but the hardware is awful. The Mario Galaxy games aren't bad, Twilight Princess seemed to be loved, the Wii Play and Sports were all good. A lot of the games you can pick right up and play and enjoy. They've almost always had great first party titles (Mario, Zelda, Metroid).

But the Wii controllers were so bad...when they came out they are okay at best but needed an additional piece of hardware to sense the motion properly, and even then it's good but not great.

And of course the graphics...they were five years outdated on launch for the Wii and the WiiU will be outdated pretty quickly. You want some future-proofing built in. The 360/PS3 still look pretty decent for some games...not so much on the Wii.

So now they are going to have a Gameboy instead of a controller? Just doesn't make much sense to me. At their price point they have to be losing money on systems...why can't they just go right to software development, drop the lost money on hardware, and they'd more than break even with the lost profits on hardware and software licenses.
To Nintendo's credit, they generally do a very good job of designing their games' art styles to age well and not show the inadequacies of the graphics hardware. Those issues really, really, really show in third-party games though. Ditto the Wiimote, actually. Nintendo's games worked really well and were fun to play even with some motion controls, but third-parties half-assed the motion and had no restraint or understanding that some game features need precision. And I believe the Wii U is the first system Nintendo has sold at a loss, but they've been telling investors that one game purchase puts it in the black again.

I think The tablet makes at least some sense. There are three big selling points to it, all of which are fairly astute (if maybe a bit faddish) in the current market:

- Tablets are absurdly popular and developers can put tablet games like Angry Birds directly onto the Wii U, including mirroring on the big screen, without any big changes to gameplay. Plus it can mirror some tablet features like web browsing and video chat.

- That people don't have to stop playing when their nagging family member tells them to quit playing Nintendo because their favorite show is on.

- That asymmetrical multiplayer is fun, and Nintendo has found huge success in targeting their systems toward local multiplayer while MS and Sony neglect that segment of the market.

I mean I agree that Nintendo kind of half-bakes their hardware (especially the OS, networking, and UI stuff...dear god...) and to be honest I would be very, very happy if they just started putting out games for 360. But I don't think the Wii U as bad of a business decision as you do.

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