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11-21-2012, 01:31 PM
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I don't think it's a terrible decision. And I like that concept of playing on the handheld screen if necessary. I suppose it's more a wish than a business proposal.

For me, it's like...there are two systems that cover most of the ground, the 360 and PS3. Both will play the latest Call of Duty, EA sports, Assassins Creed, Bethesda games, etc. The systems are similar enough you can produce both without so much difficulty. Because the Nintendo systems are so far behind the curve, those studios won't port (past maybe this first year of WiiU).

I prefer the regular controller for gaming. I don't really dig standing up and flailing my arms or whatever. If I play a game, my lazy ass is sitting on the couch and I just want to move my thumbs.

So it would be great if I could play next gen Zelda games with graphics that blow away Skyrim yet have the charm and feel of a Nintendo game...but I probably won't.

Case in point: 15 years ago I had to decide between Playstation and N64. I chose Playstation because of Final Fantasy. As a result, I only played Ocarina of Time many, many years later on an emulator and only played Mario 64 for about an hour. Still haven't played Wind Waker. Probably won't play Twilight Princess. Etc.

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