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11-21-2012, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Pravi83Oil View Post
Agree people who havent seen the cold of other regions dont know what their in for.

Im from a small town in the rocky mountains and it has gone up to -40 there and below 0 weather begins in september pretty much.

Now ive moved to Vancouver for school, and im pretty sure the lowest its been is around 10 degrees and people have scarves and touques, mittens and heavy coats. All the while, since I never use to even wear a jacket unless it was below -5, just a hoody is fine for me.

Edit: So imagine having someone move from Vancouver to the rockies, they would likely have a tough time coping with it. And thats not even a big regional difference, imagine someone born and raised in some place like Florida or California, and moving to a place like Edmonton.
Although the ambient temperature is one measure there are many other factors. I grew up in the Prairies the first time I went to Vancouver for a Grey-cup (this time of year) I froze. The humidity makes a huge difference so we were already used to -10C here but +5C in Vancouver felt way colder. We had to wear our down jackets and we thought we were going to a warm climate. Just saying!

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