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11-21-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by littletonhockeycoach View Post
IMHO, the owners should agree to NHLPA players share numbers. If not, then the owners are being disengenuious.

I guess the RSOC already exists? If not, good move esp. since calculating revenue seems to be at the heart of every conflict. Sounds like some valuable provisions in there to enhance transparency but I suspect the owners might have some issues here (since they like to hide revenue).

Defined benefit pension. A sweet deal for anybody these days.

CBA term is only 5 years....... sure would like to see a longer term but I'll take it.

Bottom line, definitely strikes me as a framework both sides can work with.

Kudo's to the moderate players for getting the hard liners off the dime. (Any idea who's in - and leading - the moderates group?)

And hopefully Snider can counter any latent Jacobs intransigence.

Actually the players are asking for guaranteed money not a percentage share. Digging into this offer more its fairly obvious the quest to de-link their share has not ended.

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