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12-09-2003, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
There aren't enough Leaf fans to defeat me and the Pretzel. OK, here's my plan. My daughter will be at the Bowie concert Saturday. Shall I trust her to hide the Pretzel within the bowels of the Bell Ctr., or shall I let those who are false believe I did. My only concern is in the form of note to self. The coat pocket Mcphee, not the pants pocket.

Brisebois, I'm not afraid of the stealth of the Leaf fans, crinoline makes that rustling noise when they walk.
McPhee, we must assemble a small army of CH fans to accomplish the task. Everyone must have a different task in order for the unit to be efficient.

McPhee hides in the middle of the small army of fans. Guy! leads the way, distracting Leaf fans with his detailed post-game reports. If one of those Leaf guys slips away from Guy!, then we send Plekanec to hold them back further, and confuse them with french ramblings. If some of the Leaf fans manage to break away from both Guy!'s and Plekanec's coverage, then Darz tries to lure them to a dark corner by promising some free beer, at which point one of our (Big M1ke, Komisarek8, Mike Komisarek) will beat them savagely. Then Necrophile will "dispose" of the bodies. After this, the coast will almost be clear, but just to be sure we will send Andrei Kastsitsyn on the ice to fake an epileptic seizure, at which point no one will be paying attention to McPhee, who will safely store the SACRED PRETZEL .

It must be done...

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