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Originally Posted by STC View Post
I highly doubt a noob would be able to pull off a successful shoulder dip, forhand-backhand-pop the water bottle.

I think the best move would be to come down straight at the goalie stickhandling, fake the deke and pop it 5 hole in one motion. That is pretty basic and requires far less hands than most dekes.
I'm by no means a fantastic stick handler, but I've found this move to work well for me. It really depends on the goalie but if they are of a similar noob level and they come out and challenge/bite hard on the fake there's no need to "pop the water bottle," you can scoot the puck in along the ice since they're down and out. The better goaltenders will require more elevation on the shot of course, but baby steps. There's no action in that deke that a noob shouldn't be able to do individually, it's just putting them together in sequence.

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