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11-21-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by mikko1995 View Post
Bought F1 2012 today. Really liking it; though I found the Legend AI a bit too fast (they could catch me about two seconds a sector even with me not making any mistakes and driving on the edge). Professional is pretty good though.

First race in Melbourne I qualify 9th, get up to 6th from the start, keeping that position. Unfortunately I was trying to stretch my first stint with used tires a bit too long, so I spun and my front wing was damaged. Get back to the track behind Button, I was trying to stay close to him, I go wide in the fast chicane, and with me wanting to stay close I kept the car on the throttle and I tried to just steer it back to the road. But I lose the back-end, while trying to fix that my car takes an odd jump and straight in to the wall. Race over.

In Malaysia I qualified 23rd, I was way too cocky with the track being a bit damp, set one time and I thought it was gonna be enough to get me through, turns out it wasn't and I spin with my last try as I rushed back to the track.

The race started with a little wet track, but everyone had their options on. I go from 23rd to 17th in the first corner, enter the third corner at 15th, avoid some crash and suddenly I'm 11th. I got past Ricciardo, Schumacher and Maldonado to get myself to 8th. I decide to follow others into the pits, I choose intermediates and the pit crew does a great job; so I exit the pits in 2nd place just behind Alonso. For my surprise Alonso was going real slow and when I overtake him I was shocked to see him running primes. That's when I knew it was my time to attack. With everyone else running on primes and there being slight rain in most parts of the track in just 7 laps I get the lead up to 20 seconds when I decide to come into the pits to get my primes. I return in 3rd and overtake Hamilton a lap later. He stays on my ass for about three laps until his tires go off the cliff and that's what got my hopes up, I was just eight seconds behind Alonso with three laps to go; he's been running on the same tires as long as Lewis so he might go off the cliff as well. First lap - Fastest Lap of the Race, second lap - just a tenth off. Coming to the Final Lap, Alonso was four seconds ahead, I drive another Fastest Lap of the Race in the Final Lap and finish 2nd 1.3 seconds behind Alonso. I wish there was one to two more laps left, I would've won; but I'll take the second place as well, especially since I started from the last row.
Sounds good. As a big fan of racing games, I might give that a shot later. How's the steering by the way? Some people claim that the steering lag is horrendous, but you didn't mention it so I assume it's fine on a pad.

Right now it's probably #3 on my "to buy"-list, after the latest WRC and UFC Undisputed 3. That being said, I seldom buy console games.

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