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11-21-2012, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I think about how damn terrible his shot was. He was the only man in the NHL whose point shot would was more likely to generate a goal AGAINST than a goal for.

I have not much to say about the man himself, he didn't really do all that much and the Jacques Martin era was pretty much defined by these kind of people. Don't really care for him, but don't hate him either.

The Hamrlik-Spacek paring was the most absurdly incompetent and unaesthetic yet decently effective NHL pairings I've ever seen. I still think it was "The System" more than those two over-the-hill bums but credit to them for performing above "abject failure"-tier.
Incompetent isn't the right word here. A pairing so effective at getting the job done despite a lack of flashy skills as a sign of strong professional competence. The old Czechs knew their jobs well.

There were long stretches in 09-10 where the three duos of Gomez-Gionta, Cammalleeri-Plekanec, Hamrlik-Spacek was what stood between a bad ES team and an absolutely terrible one. The bottom half of that years lineup played terribly.

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