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11-21-2012, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
Wow, how the stories change.

Weren't you and others saying it's better for there to be a lockout because now they aren't losing money? So which is it?

Whether you agree or not, the owners locked the players out, the players were willing to play without a deal, the owners had zero interest.

You can say the NHL has gained x amount of revenue therefore Bettman is a genious, But there have been 3 lockouts in his tenure, more than any of the 4 sports combined. It is also last in revenue compared to the other major sports.

He has done some good, but the bad out weighs the good, and he should be gone.
Of course the players are willing to play without a deal. They would still be making 57% of HRR.

Reverse the tables and have the players only making 43% of HRR and them wanting some back and they wouldn't be playing without a CBA either.

Actually he hasn't had more lockouts then all the other major sports combined. Since 1995 the NBA alone has had 4 lockouts to the NHLs 3, but who's counting.

So Bettman has grown the NHL more then any other commissioner but because they are still last in the 4 major sports in revenue he isn't doing a good job?

Seriously your blaming Betteman for hockey not being popular? Guess what, no person on the planet would have the NHL making much more money and certainly wouldn't have them in the top 3. Hockey just isn't as popular as those sports and that isn't changing anytime soon no mater who the commissioner is.

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