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11-21-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Who ever runs the Flyers Nation twitter is a fool.

He says Bryz hasn't played well because he only has started consecutive games 1 time in the KHL.

1) He hasn't earned the right to see more playing time.
2) Playing time is not the reason he struggles so much. It's more fundamentals and following the damn puck! Yes, if he did play more, he would be more in sync, but let's not kid ourselves as that is the reason for him absolutely sucking. We are paying him like a top 10 goalie, he should be able to do this on short rest, long rest, no rest. He doesn't.
All legitimate points, however: a) we do not have the full storry while he is there; b) right now Flyers are not paying him as a top 10 goalie- he is a CSKA headache. We wil have plenty of frustrtation when he comes back.
Also, plenty of NHLers struggle overseas due to difference in rinks, style of play etc.

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