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11-21-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
I was going to spend money on the NHL the next couple years, but now I'm not. Specifically, I was planing on buying several Blackhawks tickets, getting a new white Kane sweater, a new hat, NHL 13, and obviously some other ancillary purchases that aren't planned ahead of time such as concessions at games. That means at least a few hundred dollars that was going to gladly go to the NHL, and specifically the Blackhawks as I was going to get the gear at the official Blackhawks store on Michigan Ave. or in the United Center itself, that they're not going to get now.

I don't get why you're not comprehending this. Me watching TV has zero impact on it as they have no way of knowing if I'm watching to begin with. If a significant chunk of NHL fans did the same thing as me, purchasing no tickets, no apparel, no videogames, the NHL's bottom line would hurt in a big way and they'd have a major incentive to try to prevent future lockouts. If fans just return, like enough probably will, then there will remain no incentive.

If fans want to organize a specific and targeted boycott against a couple of the NHL's sponsors, then I'd be on board there, too. Would love to see an organized response like that, a la Canadians boycotting Molson's products in response to Habs opposition to letting in the WHA teams in the 1970's.
It doesn't matter if your not counted in the ratings, the fact is unless you boycott the sponsors your not actually boycotting anything.

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