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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
Last time I checked Talladega, Alabama doesn't have a pro hockey team.

In fact there's only two maybe three states that have hockey teams where NASCAR is really big. Texas, North Carolina, maybe Nashville. NASCAR is just as regional as hockey is, probably more.
And as far as Raleigh (where the Canes are based) goes NASCAR is mostly irrelevant. It's all about college sports here, with the Canes being next in line.

Minnesota is the only market I can think of, and I'd still say the Vikings are #1 in the state and certainly in MSP. And while the Twins are bigger then the Wild by a lot, I'd say that the Gophers and HS hockey are bigger then either so that would make hockey #2 in that state. Not sure if that's the case throughout the MSP area though.

Only city with a real case right now would be Buffalo... and that wouldn't be the case if the Bills weren't terribad. Wings are behind the Tigers for sure, almost certainly the Lions, and I'd say the Pistons may even be bigger when they're good.

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