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11-21-2012, 04:09 PM
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I think all that really happened today was that the players accepted speaking the same language instead of the made up one they've used so far. That in of itself IS progress. The fact they were leaking everything to the public before the meeting even got going feels like its all a big set up to make themselves look like they "sacrificed" so much and the owners are never satisfied demanding more. The owners already said they'd given their best offer so I can't see how anyone thought this offer would be accepted immediately. I think now that they are speaking the same language they can truly negotiate the details in actual numbers. Could end up being a truly positive day. It was always gonna come down to this. Speaking the same language and seeing who will budge where. The owners will get the contracting rights changed in some fashion. I think the reason the league isn't saying much is they know today is all about chest thumping so they're just letting the pa promote themselves to us. Most of us could care less at this point and I think the league knows fehrs cries of injustice will mostly fall on deaf ears.

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