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11-21-2012, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
Wonder if this clause will shut Cheesesteak up about the players not being greedy

What if revenues go down? Or do they not care as long as they get their money?
I never said they aren't "greedy," whatever that's supposed to mean. But you pro-PA people clearly fail to notice the owners are just as ****ing "greedy" as the players. You're blinded by this bizarre bias. Both sides are arguing about money, there's obviously greed there. It's not like the owners are acting out of concerned charity and good-will.

Shall we discuss how the wealthy owners don't want to establish more comprehensive revenue sharing that would help float the struggling franchises, even during revenue fluctuations, because it would mean less money for them?

What's the word for that? Oh right. "Greed."

I'm sorry I don't share your identical opinion. I'm also sorry that your blind bias against one side prevents you from seeing the whole picture. No, I won't "shut up" because I'm not incorrect and I'm trying to help you out by presenting the wider situation...instead of focusing on "PLAYYYERSSS EVIL."

Edit: by the way, wanting to maintain your current pay rate, one established by contract, isn't greed. They aren't asking for more money. It's natural for any person, anywhere, EVER, to want their income to at least remain steady. It's also perfectly natural to not want your income to drop. I don't get why that's "greedy."

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