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11-21-2012, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue And Orange View Post
How is anyone supporting one side over the other. Whenever I read TSN's comments and their blind fanatical pro-owner stance just makes me wanna smash my head throw the screen.

I blame the players for being greedy for starters, but the owners are equally guilty. Ever since that insulting offer the owners gave to teh PA with the 43% offer back in July, CBA negotiations went off the rails. This is pure greed shown on both sides.

Last lockout, I was on the owners side and for good reasons.
I'm on the side of the owners.

Bettman at his highest aspiration, wants parity in the sport, grow the sport economically, and wants to push NHL competition to it's highest level.

Fehr at his highest aspiration would want to break the game, remove growth, and ultimately ensure the sport is completely unfair.

How anyone sides with the NHLPA is beyond me.

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