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11-21-2012, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Atomos2 View Post
Is there a reason why you are so adamant about saying Rielly hit his head, don't know how that has anything to do with your argument. Anyway, when you possession of the puck, you are in the right position.
because thats what you guys kept bringing up haha. semantics guys... semantics

sorry for misphrasing my post I guess..?

Originally Posted by The Nuge View Post
Your post was flawed to begin with. Just because he is very good at rushing the puck doesn't mean he's out of position or a liability defensively
find where I said he is a defensive liability and we'll talk

I just agreed that it won't allow for Hamilton to play his offensive game if Rielly is being overly agressive....

Originally Posted by The Beyonder View Post
The injury is here at 1:08

The thing is he was gaining the zone and realized he had support. He gained the zone successfully and saw he had a path to the net, and a player came from behind him in his blind spot. I don't see how this is being bad positionally. If Hamilton had the opportunity to do that, he would, and I'm sure you wouldn't be questioning his positioning. And the most obvious thing is, he made the rush realizing he had support. I don't think I've witnessed Rielly make a rush or a pinch when he never had support or was in a bad position to do so.
cant see the vid on my train but I believe you. I dont think its bad positioning and I dont think he has a bad sense of when to be agressive and when not to, but I just think it won't allow for Hamilton's offensive strengths to really show

my point was he clearly is more than comfortable rushing the puck and being agressive offensively which might not jive well with Hamilton and might make him have to play more conservatively... thats all my point was

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