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11-21-2012, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
I think 4 power conferences is where it is headed.

Pac 12 needs 4
SEC needs 2
Big 12 needs 6
Big 10 needs 4

I could see the Pac 10 adding SD state, Bosie St, Hawaii, and SMU (for a Texas stake)
I could see the Big 12 adding Louisville, Florida St., Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, and Clemson
I could see the SEC adding Va Tech and NC State
I could see the Big 10 adding Duke, North Carolina, Ga Tech, and Notre Dame

Gives the Pac 12 an entry into Texas, and solidifies the NW corner of the country
Gives the Big 12 an entry into Florida, plus some good teams up and down the coast plus a nice market in Pittsburgh and upstate NY
Gives SEC 2 teams I think most expect to end up there anyway, ans State isn't a package deal with tobacco road
Gives the Big 10 2 teams that probably make the Big 10 the basketball conference an entry to the atlanta market for their network and their golden egg in notre dame.
Problem for NC State leaving the ACC is that their board is run by UNC Which is like the Red Wings drafting 60% of the Predators' players
State has a 13-person board of trustees. One member is the president of the student government. Four trustees are appointed by the governor. The remaining eight NCSU trustees are elected by the UNC board of governors.

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