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11-21-2012, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop The Mits View Post
And kids on my team would be congratulated for sticking up for their team mates and I'm sure the guy who stepped in would get a lot of props from the rest of his teammates for doing it too. It's not expected for anyone to do but I'm certainly not going to disapprove and suspend a kid a game for sticking up for his brothers... thats just a joke and further shows the way the game is moving...... soft
As a coach, you don't teach kids to play dirty, going around jumping opposing players, for a mistake YOUR TEAMMATE MADE. If the hit was dirty, by all means, i approve of going to bat, but when the hit is clean, there is NO ROOM for that garbage. You would have to go ahead and explain yourself to the minor hockey association for that, and good luck trying to justify it, because you'll be looking at the wrong end of their wrath.

If one of my kids has their head down, in a dangerous area of the ice, they come back to the bench, they're evaluated, and it's immediately turned into a lesson, because maybe they need to be reminded. It usually only takes once, however. Kids, and adults, playing in physical leagues, should know well enough by that age, and the NHL sees it that way too. You have a responsibility to protect yourself.

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