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Originally Posted by BNHL View Post
I see it more as he didn't meet fans expectations,which were unrealistic. He was considered a "project" player before the draft. A project player with the physical gifts to have 1st or second line potential. Fans here expected it but scouts nowhere else did. Project players usually fail so our expectations were unrealistic. The fact that he has seemed to turn it around within a half year to a year of his departure hints that this may have been the wrong place for his development. This year should be interesting for him when potential is being realized and expectations are now realistic,at 26 years old. If potential becomes expectance then he has beaten the odds of his pre draft scouting report where 1 out of 2 first round picks have 8 year NHL careers.
That may be true, but fans don't trade players. I'm fairly sure management's expectations had little to do w/ him playing like a 6'5" physical monster like Lucic. But more as a productive guy who could implement his skill, while using his size to his advantage to win battles, and out work the opposition, per the B's system. All things considered, not surprising they cashed him in when they did, and for what they received. A hard working player, who could pull his weight, they could plug right into the system.

He was on a contender here. Pressure off in Atlanta/Winnipeg, less of a structured system, not surprised at all he had some success there. Like I said, the guy has everything you could want physically as a hockey player. But what does that say? Claude smothers talent? Well, Kessel left, was productive, arguably one of the most talented players in the game, right? What did we hear his coach saying a year or two ago? That Phil has to learn there's more to the game than scoring goals. I don't see a big difference w/ Wheeler. They didn't learn it here, but eventually, they're going to have to figure out that other 90% of the game, period.

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