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11-21-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I don't side with either, Quattro, but you have to realize the economics of the situation. Too many teams cannot continue to operate at a loss.

Bottom line, the owners own the team. The players play for them. And if they choose not to play, then the NHL will eventually go the way of Hostess.

It really is that simple. Side with the players all you want, and if they continue to resist we will not have hockey.
With all do respect, if the owners can't afford the players then they should not sign them with the intentions of not giving them what was agreed upon a month later. When I owned my business I made my business decisions based off what I can afford and what I projected in order for my business to grow. This is an owner versus owners issue and since they can't beat eachother they turn to those that can bail them out.

Oh, and what happened to 7 years ago when they agreed to a new CBA and GB came out and said that from there on out owners and players are partners. It was actually him just parading his victory.

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