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11-21-2012, 06:32 PM
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Alright... the players want a min $67.25 cap regardless of revenues...

Hows about this solution... Make Whole the Other Way.

so in yr 2:
$67.25 cap (mp+20%) = $56mil midpoint = $1.68bil players share = requires revenue of $3.36 bil in revenue to cover @ 50-50.

If revenues only hit $3 bil, it would mean the players got $180 mil more than they should of.

Instead of taking the money out of escrow let the players keep it, but defer repayment of the $180 mil plus interest from the players once the revenues surpass the $3.36 bil mark by taking out of the total player share later in the CBA.

Make the Owners whole...

So say the revenues finally hit $3.72 bil, the players share would be $1.86 bil - $180 mil owning = $1.68 bil....

Just like the make whole the original way, the owners don't lose more than 50% of revenues, just like the players don't drop below a system with a $67.25 mil cap.

Too fair? Makes too much sense?

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