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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
These guys are on VACATION over there...let's not pretend they are playing their best hockey, any of them. Datsyuk looks like he's not even trying, merely playing shinny with friends.

Is there where I go dig up stats to match yours? or to show that other players seemed to be able to still score under a different system?

Or, maybe compare other defensive systems, like Torts in NY, and see gaborik's 41 goals and then extrapolate that "if he played in Wash, under their old system, he'd have scored 93 goals"?

Did Stamkos score 60 goals playing on a "trap team"? Imagine if he played in a different system?
Yeah. And the weather was wrong:
"In the winter it's a completely different story. It is extremely overcast. Not necessarily rainy, just persistently overcast. To the point where you see less sunlight than you do in places significantly farther north.
I'm not saying it's any worse than the majority of other KHL cities, but for a 21 y/o living outside of North America for the first time, it's a pretty hard go."

Or even better: "Well, Kane's from Vancouver, so he probably doesn't mind overcast. He wasn't really there long enough to get bummed out by the weather.
Maybe he missed his GF. Maybe he thought he was going to light up the K and finds out he's 2nd (3rd? 4th?) fiddle"

It's fun to read all those excuses for the guys.
Guys, who move to the KHL. Don't forget to take GF. But still don't know how to help the weather problem.

"If canadian fails in the KHL, he was not motivated, he's on vacation. If russian fails in the NHL, he's lazy, doesn't have balls"

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