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Originally Posted by Sundinisagod View Post
I'm a little older than your koolaid generation, so I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I take as your saying that Bobby Mac (one of the most respected, if not most respected hockey media person) thinks Rielly's better than he really is, or is buying into some sort of hype machine.The Bobby Mac, who's super well connected to scouts, gms, players, you name it...this guy who knows all the experts is buying into some hype machine? Isn't that what your saying with your snarky koolaid comment? With this comment I also think you are saying you know better than Bobby Mac, when it comes to Rielly (if not hockey in general), so you must have watched a lot of Rielly to be a better judge of his abilities than Bob Freakin Mckenzie I take it? How much have you watched him and what can you tell us about him there Mr Koolaid.
I doubt Bob McKenzie sat down with every one of his contacts (the people who might know more about evaluating players than he does) to get an opinion on Rielly. It was a heat of the moment thing based on a brief viewing of him in a tourney that's meaningless compared to the WJC. If by that time Bobby Mac is still on the Rielly 'hype machine' and legitimately so, then fine but right now he hasn't really had a better season than most of the 2012 draftees.

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