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11-21-2012, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
All these changes matter. RFA and UFA dates matter a lot. That's why the negotiations are so complicated - there are a ton of factors to consider at all times and there are tons of interests Fehr has to represent and value in them. When retiring, guaranteed pensioner Hamrlik or a retired pensioner like Recchi start making public comments it doesn't help anything but reallly really hurts the young players who still have (inshallah) 15 years in the league to look forward to.

5 year RFAs at ELCs not making much of a difference? Are you kidding me?

The owners gave and signed every single one of those deals, the players just had to abide by all the stipulations. Why to people keep saying that the deals are biased against the owner? Not a single contract is signed or traded for without the owner's implicit approval. Even in the super-rare cases of contractual holdouts, the owners usually got market value or a bit below.

Try telling a 22 year old Subban that he's gonna have to play at 850k for another two years even though he's playing 30min a night.
No player stay at ELCs during all his RFAs years. The proposition of the owners is to change the UFA age from 27 to 28 and no that's not a big difference. Maybe there is others clauses I don't know about, but I didn't saw any major hit to a long term player salary.

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