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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
Pretty well said. It's interesting of note, though, is that the playoff "parity" in MLB is very similar to the PAYROLL "parity" in the league. About the same number of teams have made the World Series in the last 20 years AND have appeared in the top 10 in payrolls. KC, TOR, PIT, BAL all had top five payrolls in the last 22 years.

Also, one of the MASSIVE reasons that some teams have been at the bottom for such a long time is because there was no entry-level maximum contracts, super-agents were turning the draft into an auction. There's dozens of examples of guys rated in the top 10 draft prospects list who fall well below that mark to rich teams because certain agents demand ridiculous money. Stephen Drew was a "Top Five pick." He fell to #15 because of his salary demands.

If you're PIT or KC, you can't afford to give franchise player money to an unproven draft pick. Too many top picks flame out.

And MLB HAS added restrictions on revenue sharing. You have to put that money into Payroll + Draft Signings/Player Development/Scouting.

Wait… how come an owner in a bad venue should be writing personal checks to cover a baseball team, but when someone in hockey (Islanders, Dallas) does it, they're "unprofitable" and the team should be relocated?

The A's are no different than the Islanders. The Indians and the Sabres/Predators are pretty similar as well. What's the difference between the Pirates and Blue Jackets? The Tigers had a decade of being total crap from 1995-2004… kind of reminds you a decade of Anaheim Ducks hockey (Or the reverse of the Dallas Stars). How are we sure the Florida Panthers are the next Tigers?
The A's owner is not losing any money. His payroll is covered by Luxury Tax/ T.V. money. Also by keeping his payroll low, he actually makes a profit.

The NHL does not have that luxury. I thought that was common knowledge.

Teams Remain uncompetitive in MLB due to receiving ,FAT Luxury Tax checks. There is no incentive to IMPROVE your market or team.

The Oakland market didn't become cruddy over night, the last few Oakland A's owners made it that way. Cause they were more than happy to sit back and collect MLB (welfare).

Yes MLB has restrictions but none of them are enforced, (see Florida Marlins) It took a blatant money grab by Florida for MLB to finally say "Ok guys you can't make it that obvious you are pocketing Revenue sharing and Luxary Tax money".

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