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Originally Posted by Benzy19 View Post
I think it's safe to assume that most people who post in this thread do the same thing, but I agree with you, all my friends who play NHL 13 think I'm ******** for simming whole seasons and not playing the games, I find it funner to watch your players grow and anyone can take a **** team and win the cup but it takes a little more to win it by simming.
Preach on, brother!

My friends are the same way. "I broke Gretzky's goals and points record in my rookie season!" I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, but I don't want a game I can pick up and easily destroy real life records with. It gets way too repetitive and I personally find no sense of enjoyment or accomplishment doing those things. I love it when my friends say things like, "How could you lose in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the computer?" and they just don't seem to get that it's my team playing not me. Usually this quickly prompts a 1-on-1 challenge which they quickly decline (especially since none of my friends have beaten me since NHL 09).

Personally, I don't play any games in my BAGMs. I generally watch the home opener (All-Star, Hardcore, 10-minute periods), sim the regular season, and watch the playoffs. I tend to get really attached to my team and it feels inexplicably amazing when you accomplish your goals like taking a last place team like Columbus and winning the Stanley Cup 6 years later without making any trades (like I did last year ). With the exception of the Toronto Dynasty I did last year (where I literally accepted every trade offered to me ), I very seldom make trades as it's just way too easy to fleece the AI.

I catch flak from friends and my spouse all the time for this approach, but I enjoy myself, so whatever

I pulled an all-nighter and finally finished my custom roster for my franchise. Every attribute possible is derived from aggregated statistics over the past 3 seasons, including playoffs, for over 1200 players and I used scouting reports and skills competitions to fill in the attributes that couldn't be derived from statistics. On top of that, I also updated every team's rosters (based on's Reserve Lists), made every team cap compliant, removed players who have been released by their respective teams (but are still assigned to them in the game), updated prospect potentials based on Hockey's Future ratings (as well as improved NHL-ready prospects like Ryan Murray and Nail Yakupov), fixed all the goaltending equipment to be accurate to real life (or as close to it as possible), fixed jersey numbers, etc. 4 weeks well spent

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to take Columbus to the Stanley Cup within a decade without making any trades (unless absolutely necessary)

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