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11-21-2012, 07:09 PM
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Im on my phone so my response will be short.

The big market owners are likely all frustrates with the process because theyre not gaining anything with this. That being said...its majority rule and theres obviously more owners in support than there is against the process or we wouldnt be where we are. And yes... we do know whats going on behind the scenes because Bettman works for the owners. If the majority wanted the lockout to be over tomorrow... the lockout would end tomorrow.

Goodenow got canned for corruption and other nonsense. It isnt comparable.

As far as the Simmons admit its misinformed then asked why the article is terrible? You answered your own question already. I dont care if Simmons is popular with average sports fans...all hes doing with average sports fans is misguiding them.

and as far as the quote...more misguided information/logic. you really think bettman and company wouldnt have liked to have made the revenue split 50-50 last go around and/or fix all these other issues?Obviously. But what he and apparently you dont understand is that these CBA deals take two yo tango. It took an entire season to get the NHLPA to agree to a salary cap. You seriously think they could have held out even longer then to get even more dramatic concessions? And jeapordize back to back seasons? Please.

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