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Originally Posted by MaindotC View Post
I just got home. I was on 92 between Cazenovia and Manlius. There're two short stretches of four-lane of which I was on one of them passing a guy who was doing 50 and speed limit was 55. I was directly to his left when the deer came across. It was a huge deer so yeah it did do a lot of damage and sadly I doubt it lived. I don't even recall what happened to it...I believe I hit the deer closer to the backside, so I would think it would spin from the impact and go to the driver to my right but I don't think that happened. I don't think it bounced off to my left and into the oncoming lane either. I'm not sure. I was really shocked by the situation and I had no idea what to do. The car was clearly wrecked and I pulled off to the side. I could see it start to smoke so I was afraid it would catch on fire and blow up so I got out.

A few days ago I was on my way home and just toward the town edge of Manlius there was a hit deer that was still alive and the police had come in to set up cones and get (I'm assuming) animal control to come pick it up or perhaps a vet. It didn't feel like that in this situation...I'm pretty sure the deer is gone. If it is still out there god help it.

I called a friend of mine for some advice and he said (summarily) to call the insurance company first as getting the police involved and having the accident documented could cause a larger rate hike. I called the insurance company and they took my claim info. They didn't mention if I needed an accident report so hopefully it's not required. We'll see on Friday - hopefully the claims person gets in touch with me and totals the car.
Be careful with how you answer the agent. They will try and get you to answer in ways that will put you at fault. (at least according to my friend who hit a deer twice last year)

If I remember correctly you're supposed to say "The deer hit my truck, and there was no way of avoiding the impact."

If you say YOU hit the deer, they may try and put you at fault.

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