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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
You have that right. But personally I believe the team will have no problems, it was a different world in 96 when pro teams were leaving Canada in droves and the Ottawa Rough Riders had been badly mismanaged for years, and the Renegades were completely mishandled in a POS stadium, IMO.

I have been to Halifax. If there was all this support, why are they not building a stadium? The largest stadium is 4K. Smaller than the University Stadium we currently have. If there is so much support why are they not planning for the stadium, attracting an owner, talking to the CFL, trying to get a TD Atlantic, etc...

My one impression is's small. At best the area is 400K, although that's a fairly large area, but doable. I suppose. It would take tremendous support from the community, remember this is a base without the amount of coporate support of an ANY other team in the league, Halifax does not have the corporations other major cities have. That being said CFL is not as corporation driven as the other leagues.

Could it work in Halifax? Perhaps. Right now I'd put them as 4th on the list of places I think the CFL should go. Ottawa first, due to willing ownership, a stadium being renovated and a built in starting fanbase. Quebec needs to get off their ass and build a stadium for a CFL team, football is bigger in Quebec right now than anywhere else in Canada, why in the hell Quebec City does not have a team I have no idea, again a stadium problem. 3rd I would put Moncton. They have the stadium (little on the small side), building the fanbase with TD Atlantic, and if they market it as a "Maritime team" they should be able to draw from Halifax (400K <3 hours), Fredricton (100K <2hours), Saint John (130K <2hours), Charlottetown (70K 2hours) on top of 140K from itself. With a league like the CFL it is possible to draw from that far away. The central location and stadium are really what puts it far ahead of Halifax for me right now.
With regards to Halifax and Nova Scotia, there is a lack of community will to fund something like a stadium. They had their opportunity to build a stadium that could have received some modifications after the 2015 Women's World Cup, but they blew it as per usual. Check out this article:

If Halifax wants to build a stadium that could host a CFL team, it is their responsibility of their provincial and municipal government to get one built, not the reponsibility of the CFL. All the CFL should say to Halifax is if you build a 25,000 seat facility with an adequate press box, 25 - 30 suites and 500 - 1000 club seats and provide a responsible owner then yes, you can have a team.

As for the downfall of the Ottawa franchise (both times) can any of you blame the fans for not showing up? 20 seasons (1981 -1996, 2002 - 2005) without posting a single season record above .500, no Grey Cup appearances and something like 15 out of those 20 seasons out of the playoffs...all the direct result of ***** ownership groups consisting of the likes of Horn Chen, the Gliebermans (twice!) and that ownership group who owned them from 2002 - 2004 that got the **** out of dodge once they made their money from the 2004 Grey Cup. Remember when they drafted a dead player? Yeah, that tells you all you need to know about the state of ownership and management of the franchise at the time.

Considering all this, the attendance wasn't as bad as some claim either. Here is their attendance from 1980 - 1996 and from 2002 - 2005:

Yr. Att Yr. Att.
1980 24,083 1990 23,647
1981 19,666 1991 23,479
1982 21,000 1992 24,345
1983 23,197 1993 20,026
1984 21,720 1994 19,409
1985 21,184 1995 21,101
1986 18,096 1996 16,847
1987 18,351 2002 23,776
1988 20,407 2003 23,378
1989 18,505 2004 23,050
2005 18,489

Doesn't seem so bad does it? Despite years of mismanagement and poor seasons and terrible ownership, Ottawa consistently averaged over 20,000 per game. Doesn't seem to me like a city that has little interest in the game.

Looking back I would have to say it was a mistake to expand to Ottawa back in 2002. In their desparation to get back into the nation's capital, the league did not properly vet the owners and they allowed them to move into dumpy old Lansdowne Park without securing any money (public or private) for significant upgrades to the stadium. There really was no long term outlook from the league or Ottawa ownership.

Contrast that with what we are seeing today. A proven ownership group including Jeff Hunt, owner of the very successful Ottawa 67s; a $100 million refurbishment/rebuild of Lansdowne including suites and club seats - all the things neccessary in a modern stadium, combined with a $300 million investment in the park including retail, market, underground parking and theatres; and generous drafting provisions provided by the league to ensure this team will be competitive as quickly as possible.

While it's not a slam dunk, I really can't see this team failing. There are just too many positives associated with this project.

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