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11-21-2012, 07:52 PM
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Just to stir up the conversation...

You know.. there is something that has not been mentioned very much in ll this debate and that is the money "the players make BECAUSE they are hockey players" but that have nothing to do with salary.

Shouldn't the league get some royalties on that? With no league... the players don't get that money.

(I know they pro-players are probably while the pro-owners are probably ...)

How about this:

The players can make that money FREE of royalties UNTIL the salaries and "the money made BECAUSE they are hockey players" surpasses the 68M mark.

The extra money gets taxed. This tax the players pay... is also a credit on the cap % (since they are responsible for the extra income). So the cap can go higher then 50% (even though it nver passes the 50% of HRR) if they bring in a load of royalties to the owners, etc.

I got tired of reading "creative" offers that were mostly, consciously or not, on the players side.

The players need to take a deal quick because the more this goes on, the more the players and the fans lose. The owners can wait a while since they are already losing and need a real fix.


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