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11-21-2012, 08:21 PM
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Objectively value-wise I can see how this would be fair. But when looking at individual team situations, it's a completely non-sensical trade.

Price is the back-bone of their team, the primary reason that team can compete in most of their games. Although some may be over-stating the actual statistical difference between him and Dubnyk, it's still large enough to make a huge difference in terms of their compete level.
Galchenyuk is likely not going to be as offensively dynamic as RNH, but the kid has great size, great 2-way ability, and is likely their #1 C for the future. The difference between him and RNH in a few years time isn't enough to off-set the difference between Dubnyk and Price.

RNH is the backbone of the Oilers' offense heading forward. He's the offensively gifted #1C the team's been sorely missing since they traded Weight. As good as Galchenyuk is, we've seen players in his mould (albeit not as offensively talented) before (Horcoff, Stoll in their offensive primes). With the type of wingers the team's assembled, they need a dynamic playmaker like RNH to feed them the puck.
Dubnyk is not a bad goalie - his stats are pretty middle-of-the-pack when you compare him to other NHL goalies. The difference between him and Price is quite significant, but for the Oilers - a team that doesn't really rely on goalies to win the games - the difference may not be enough to cause a shift in outcomes (they're more likely to win/lose on accord their D (poor or just steady enough) or forwards (all-world scoring or not enough) than their goaltending (although 2006 there was a different story).
Klefbom+2nd is the kicker here. The Oilers' #1 defense prospect outside of Schultz is Klefbom - perhaps the most complete all-around defenseman in their system. Losing him, along with a 2nd, is just enough of a price for the Oilers to say no, even with the value difference between RNH+Dubnyk and Galchenyuk+Price

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