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11-21-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Seems to me due diligence is paramount and that the players no doubt will get a letter of credit from the team's financial institution in regard to a large-money contract.

Come on, that's just rhetoric. The owners own the team and the players play for them. Even the most dense player understands that.
You know, it is quite difficult for me to side with the owners when just this past summer they dished out record breaking long term contracts to several of the premier free agents. On one hand, the owners argue the current financial structure is broken, and not working; and on the other, they agree to 100 million dollar deals. Minnesota and Nashville no less, not exactly the "big markets," are they? So what seems to have happened here is the owners are getting talent at a price they never intended on paying, and they get to use the inflated prices as part of their rationale that they are losing money (which I'd be really skeptical about if I were a player). It's a win-win from the owner's perspective.

In the meantime the PA now has agreed to drop their annual % of HRR down to 50%, lowered their demands on the amount of the "make whole" provision, tentatively agreed on teams stashing money in the minors and back-loaded contracts used to circumvent the cap (although the two sides have not agreed on the amounts yet), and have received really no concessions from the other side on ANY issue. Instead, besides all the significant gaps that remain on the issues outlined above, the owners want to also limit contract lengths, significantly alter the arbitration process, and extend the amount of time needed to hit UFA status. The league agreed to back off of only one earlier request. They decided they would be able to keep the Entry Level System at 3 years, instead of their earlier proposed 2. Can any of you "pro-owner" sympathizers explain to me how this has been a negotiation, and how the PA has in your minds been negotiating in "bad faith?" Frankly, it seems extremely one-sided to me at this point.

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