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11-21-2012, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Chevrier View Post
It's exactly these kind of stupid posts that do not make me miss this place at times, hockey or not. Sorry, but Smith and Nyquist are worth more than Erik Johnson now and in the future. There's a reason he was traded, argue and justify it any which way you want but all of those with some knowledge of the game will tell you that Smith and Nyquist are both extremely highly touted propsects. Barrie'll be good, sure, I'm a fan of his but using that justification, that he scored so many points in less games mean nothing. See TJ Hensick above.
There IS a reason he was traded, but you don't seem to know it.

EJ was being surpassed by Pietrangelo, one of the top defenders in the game currently. That doesn't make EJ bad, it means Pietrangelo is good. EJ can't play the left side and the Blues had a serious need for a PWF like Stewart (whom at the time had 40 goal potential, still does but has character concerns imo) and needed more of a mobile PMD than a 2-way, defensive guy like EJ.

They got what they needed, we got what we needed and added a young stud prospect like Siemens along in the deal.

EJ is now and should be for quite some time better than Smith, which isn't a knock on Smith but moreso a sentiment to the fact that EJ is a #1 defender, not a #3. Nyquist may have top line potential, but he's hardly the upgrade on any of the Avs current prospects that make the downgrade from EJ to Smith even remotely worth pursuing given the rather ridiculous hole we'd have on defense, worse than what Detroit currently sports without EJ on our roster.

So tell me, should the Avs offer up Barrie + Sgarbossa for Kronwall? Seems fair to me. Maybe we'll even throw in a 3rd rounder to 'even it up'? Barrie might even end up better one day, so you may win in the long run!

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