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11-21-2012, 08:42 PM
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To juxtapose Hamrlik's comments, here's Detroit's player rep, Dan Cleary and Tampa Bay's St. Louis:
After attending today’s afternoon session in New York, Cleary told the Free Press, "it didn't go well. We pretty much agreed on everything, except stuff that matters. A lot of players today are extremely upset about this."
"As players, the word would be: Frustrated, disappointed," Cleary said. He was at the meetings as a player representative. "It's just, it seems almost after every proposal, we haven't gotten anything on our side, and we've continually moved towards them. I think as players, we really felt that we've come a long way. They just didn't budge on the bigger issues with us. It seems like a lot of give from players, and all the taking is on their side."

...Cleary said the league "didn't move at all on the $211 million" make-whole provision, which centers on how the league should fully honor existing contracts. Cleary also said there was "no movement in the player rights," such as capping contracts at five years.
"Well, it's disappointing. I feel they're trying to bully us and trying to draw a line in the sand pretty much. It's tough. We want to be negotiating. We came their way again and nothing. They just keep telling us keep coming. They're staying where they are, so you end up negotiating with yourself, and that's definitely something we don't want to do."
"I don't know where we go from here. It's very frustrating."

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