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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Yes, Cechmanek was traded from Philly to LA for a 2nd round draft pick. In 49 games with LA he went 18-21-6 with a 2.51 GAA. I don't think he was a flop but he was not as good as advertised (something that happened regularly) coming off a season in Philly with a 1.83 GAA. In 03-04 Roman pulled in 3 million cool ones.
I'm always entertained by the fact that through most of the mid to late 90's the Flyers seemed to have this strange ability to make so-so goaltenders look like hall of famers. Fast forward to the last 5 or so years and goaltending is the one thing that just kills that team everry single year...

His postseason numbers are pretty good. He was a victim of the Sharks' lack of defense. Nabokov was their goalie, defenseman, and shut-down line all in one. In 2003-04, he was phenomenal. But you are right, he always folded under pressure. IMO, mediocre is not the word you use for Nabokov. If he was mediocre, he would've never been the number 1 goalie for 9 straight years for a perennial playoff team.
Perhaps a difference in meaning between us. I consider Chris Osgood a mediocre goaltender and he's probably heading to the Hall of Fame. He isn't a superstar, but he was good on a great team for so long that he benefits from it. I use the term mediocre like I would middle of the road. Nabakov is the same to me good starting goalie, just bad under pressure. You can totally be a mediocre goaltender and be a starting goalie for 9 years as long as the situation allows you be. The kings went to the cup finals with a mediocre/good goaltender in Kelly Hrudey.

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