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11-21-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
I don't think fans of other teams appreciate what Lu did here for this franchise and how big a part he has been to our recent success. We know he could turn the Leafs fortunes around, their fans and media just haven't figured it out. Knowing Burke, he won't figure it out either.
I know Luongo would make us arguement. I also know i could get home faster in a private jet, i just can't afford it. I guess it goes both ways, Nucks fans have been blessed with playoff caliber teams for so long you don't understand what it's like for us. After years of crap, we finally have some better pieces. It's tough when all you hear is "we will give you our 33 year old goalie...but your top 6 guys are crap, your prospects are crap...give us your best young players and picks or you don't get our elite goalie we don"t need anymore". Bottom line for me, as much as i want Luongo and as much as i want the playoffs, if the price is a detriment to our long term future than it's status quo for me and i'll support Burke for not selling out.

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