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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I hate to interrupt here, especially Killion who cracks me up in these things... but I see this, TDMM...

Where would be a good start for me to look into the competition in which these awards were rendered? I know stats might be tough to come by, but is there a good spot to look where I might find, say, the other goalies that played in the Czech League in 1972 or '68 or whatever...?
Not exactly what you are looking for but this site has the top 10s in Czech Golden Stick voting. Not sure where theokritos got voting past the top 10, but if it's anything like NHL awards voting, the sample of voters past #10 is too low to draw conclusions from anyway. If you want all the voting records in a table, post 5 of International & European Reference Thread has them.

To me, the awards from international tournaments are more meaningful, because competition includes everyone in Europe. Starting in 1977, the World Championships also included NHL players who didn't make the playoffs. I do like to look at domestic awards voting to "confirm" that a good international player was also dominant in his domestic league (which is a larger sample size).

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