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11-21-2012, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Vince McMahon View Post
Your entire argument is based on guys on the roster now should benefit from Lesnar/Rock being around. Which isn't wrong, but you wonder how HHH gets involved when it's blatantly obvious we're getting Lesnar/HHH II. So why is that OK? Triple H is not a full time wrestler anymore. He's an executive that wrestles part-time. So why is Lesnar/HHH OK, but Lesnar/Rock wouldn't, which has more money than Lesnar/HHH in it?

Like I said, top matches for WM this year:

I didn't say that's OK, in fact I blatantly said "not that i'm saying that match should happen but you brought it up". I even addressed this further by saying at least HHH will be in the company for years to come and as I already explained at least that match would have some pre-established history to build off not just a cheap couple of month program from a run in. But again, I said "not that I'm saying that match should happen".

Try actually reading the post before responding next time because all I have done here is basically repeat exactly what I said in my last post that you for whatever reason decided to just ignore completely and put words in my mouth.

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