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11-21-2012, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Sorry, but you are confusing professional sports and mom and pops businesses. Players unions and owners are a partnership. They have been referred to partnership in every sport. GB reffered to them as a partnership. Owners do not make money without the players and the players do not get paid for their skills without the owners. It's a symbiance.

There is give and take in ever CBA. Every sport has a winner and a loser every year. It goes back and forth because they both can't make it without the other. It's worse in the NHL because 10 owners ruin in for the rest of the league. These 10 owners can't get along with the other owners and are irrationale in spending, thus making the others desperate. 15 or so team do not make money or lose money because of this so they don't care if they lock out. NHL is broken because of the owners, not the players who bargain for the top dollar in the contract.
Agreed. Professional sports is not a typical business where the employees have very little leverage over their employers. Without the players, there is no league, and there are no replacements. It has been, and always will be a partnership. How you want to define the word partnership in your own mind is up to you. But it is a partnership, there is no doubt about that.

The fact is, every other sports league when entering into negotiations seems to be able to provide some kind of give and take for both sides. The NBA in their last lockout lowered the % of the players share, but did not institute a hard salary cap. During the NFL negotiations, a very significant amount of money was given for retired player benefits, free agency was shortened. The point is, every other league realizes that there needs to be some kind of give and take from both sides. The NHL on the other hand, continues to ask for more and more concessions during every work stoppage, and provides no incentives to the players to come to some sort of agreement. The owners, like you I suppose, believe they should be thanking their lucky stars for the position that they are in, and thus should cave on every single significant issue. That is not how you run a successful professional sports league, by alienating your entire fan base every 6 years because you feel you should be entitled to a bigger % of the profits.

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