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11-21-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
You have no idea just how bad Weber was last year and this one. Kabs is miles (miles!) ahead of him as a hockey player.
you're assuming i didn't watch any habs hockey last year?

Kaberle is a more experienced player, who aside from the security of a massive contract and the roster stability it afforded him regardless of his level of play, also possess the ability/confidence to do one thing well. on a terrible team, that's enough to get regular minutes.

Weber didn't have the luxury of being able to play terribly and keep his minutes, and started the season playing for a coach notorious for being disproportionately hard on young players (in terms of limiting their minutes/keeping them on a short leash) as a result, despite decent play early on, his confidence crumbled and his performance worsened as the year progressed.

apparently i'm not the only one who noticed (see below... perhaps not the same causal explanation, but clearly another person who saw Weber play at a level as good as/better than Kaberle early on).

and again, in a 1-game scenario, fine, i can buy the argument for Kaberle.

but beyond that (and to be clear, i'd probably go with weber for that 1-game regardless... in his short career, he's shown himself to be effective & somewhat of a clutch offensive player in NHL playoffs), Weber is by far the more rational choice to keep on an NHL roster.

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I don't know, the first couple months of Weber's season would rate very favourably against anything Kaberle did for us IMHO. It's true things went off for Weber after that. But I'd be at least as hopeful of a young player finding a way to become more consistent as I would for an old player to suddenly whip himself back into shape after a few seasons of sharp decline...

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Anyway, at the right point in a season, I'd take "nothing" over Kaberle too, so it's not necessarily a ringing endorsement if I'd also take Weber. This is not that point in a season, however... we've already got our roster and payroll basically set (and even if a new season brought any requirements for changes, Gomez is far ahead on the purge list). It basically is a cap space question. Fading veterans or question marks like Roszival or Hannan signed for dramatically less ($2M/$1M) than Kaberle makes very late in the UFA season. You could scoop one up if ever needed without having to sock $4.25M space on a redundant-ish #5/6 D. Even if you didn't like using a cheap young Weber instead. And then you could pour the rest of the savings into some other area to improve the team. At the right time in the roster building cycle anyway, not now. It didn't happen before, so in the meantime Kaberle has another shot at redemption. We've heard that before. See if it works out for us this time, I guess.
so obvious, and yet somehow a large chunk of the fan base seem to ignore the financial realities of the NHL... perhaps the result of too much EA sports with the salary cap turned off?

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