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11-21-2012, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Getting Luongo isn't just about making the playoffs, it's about turning the franchise around. Players want to play in front of him, he sets the standard for work ethic and professionalism in your organization and he makes other players better. You're not just getting some good goalie to throw in their for a few seasons, you'd truly be getting a franchise player. I don't think you appreciate how valuable that is for a young team. He'll leave a mark on your good young players well after he's gone, he'll show them how to get to an elite level.

I understand not wanting to trade Gardiner, I wouldn't either. I don't understand the take it or leave it attitude or the lack of urgency. This guy will do more for your franchise then any one of those young guys will, unless Gardiner really turns into that franchise defensemen.
For me it's not take it or leave it. It's here is as high ad i'm willing to go. Unfortunately my highest doesn't seem to be near good that's it i guess. As far as Gardiner...there have been guys who have compared him to Niedermeyer....guess what one of the black marks on the Leafs past is...yup, trading the pick that ends up being Niedermeyer.

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