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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
I know Luongo would make us arguement. I also know i could get home faster in a private jet, i just can't afford it. I guess it goes both ways, Nucks fans have been blessed with playoff caliber teams for so long you don't understand what it's like for us. After years of crap, we finally have some better pieces. It's tough when all you hear is "we will give you our 33 year old goalie...but your top 6 guys are crap, your prospects are crap...give us your best young players and picks or you don't get our elite goalie we don"t need anymore". Bottom line for me, as much as i want Luongo and as much as i want the playoffs, if the price is a detriment to our long term future than it's status quo for me and i'll support Burke for not selling out.
completely fair

but remember that a huge percentage of us here have been Canuck fans for the long haul ...meaning we suffered through the 80s, the 90s (like you, hope early then bitter disappointment as it fell apart), and the early 00s before being blessed w the current team (and some go back to the 70s!)

So we are no strangers to the agony of Charlie-Brown-fandom, and it in fact makes us equally (if not more) paranoid and desperate that the moves we make now are the right ones, insofar as we know that the promised land is close. Arguably this Luongo trade is the single most important move in franchise history in terms of impacting cup or no cup ... and we know that just 2 short years out (even sooner), and we could find ourselves very quickly on the long slide back down to osbcurity, and chasing after the Messiers and Tikannens of the world ...

arguably it drives a greater urgency than your understandable need to hold onto the few golden building blocks ... precariously teetering near the top while bruin and hawk fans hurl barbs and alberta fans snicker from nearby bogs is very trying on the nerves... we have to make the right move with this trade. HAVE TO.

and with that, another scotch ...

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