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11-21-2012, 10:10 PM
Here we go again
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
I never understand this opinion though. Because 1 day earlier, a writer (Bill Simmons) basically states almost the same thing and not receiving the same treatment. Simmons just does so much eloquently than Steeger but thats because Simmons is paid to do so. And really, how wrong is either of them? Its probably about time that Daly & Bettman do need to go and probably will after this lockout ends. I cant see how they keep their jobs when they've been in charge with 3 different work stoppages with different union management each time.

If you havent read it, its worth reading the article Simmons wrote called "Go Away, Gary" which was linked on ESPN's website.
You know I keep seeing people say it's all Bettman's fault he's been here for all 3 lockouts. Have you looked at the NHLPA's leadership? These guys are a total cluster. The guy before Goodenow plead guilty to fraud. Then you have Goodnow who struck right before the playoffs then led the players over the cliff in the last lockout. Then they hired Ted Saskin Who was spying on their e-mails so they had to fire him for misconduct. Then they hired Paul Kelly Who lasted a whopping 2 years and was voted out in the middle of the night because he tried to work with the league instead of being an antagonist. After Kelly they hired Fehr who's greatest accomplishment was canceling a world series. And he proceeded to ignore all calls to negotiate until basically the last minute and he's so organized that he shows up to meetings 3 hours late without "running the numbers." So can we layoff with the Gary's been involved in all three lockouts it must be his fault? It's not like he's negotiating with the same people all the time or the people he is negotiating with have a clue how to run their own union. The NHLPA is a joke and you can tell that whenever half it's members speak in public or take to twitter.

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