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11-21-2012, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Meteor View Post
Is all this talk of unorthodox, "flopping" styles from Czechoslovakian goalies really a knock on them?

Jiri Crha, who was Holecek's backup on the national team, came to the Leafs and had a rather good stretch of play considering the circumstances (team with losing record). And the man who succeeded Crha as HC Pardubice's goalie, who modelled his game on both Holecek and Crha, has already been voted into the list at #2. Say what you want about their style of goaltending, but goalies similar to Holecek clearly found a way to make it work against NHL competition.
One thing, and it might not be related to the project even, but there aren't just three goaltending techniques: butterfly, stand-up and, let's say, acrobatic...

People that are more in the talent evaluation neck of the woods name some fundamental flaws in a goaltender and somehow people take these things and spin them into Dominik Hasek and go "see, it's not so bad" ...Hasek wasn't like anything I've ever seen, and maybe someone can point to a goalie that was similar in style and success, but I've never seen it. Holecek didn't play like Hasek, Cechmanek didn't play like Hasek, Tim Thomas doesn't play like Hasek, Yutaka Fukufuji didn't play like Hasek...that's just not what happened. Whether or not it's relevant to discussion is another matter, but it's a tiny bit frustrating to see all non-butterfly goalies lumped into "other" with Hasek being the exception to the rule that justifies all the others despite noteworthy dissimilarities in play style...

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