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11-21-2012, 11:06 PM
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Has anyone ever wondered if Sporting Directors actually affect the players training in training camps? I have. I was wondering if their only affect was on how many players could be sent. So I benched the two camp SDs tonight. Efficiency went from 90+% to 20+%. Training dropped from 2.028 to 1.833.

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Sure am! Appreciate your efforts to speak my language . By the way, is this runnyonion guy someone known in the American community? His comment on my PPM Mag article p!$$ed me off, more so since I'm in a crab-tastic mood lately
Hah. Runnyonion is probably going to be coach of the soccer NT team next season There's no other serious contender. He's not usually as brash on the US forums. He was a whiney ***** in another article posted on PP Magazine. I think it was the one about the faces?

There's a bit of a discussion about what type of manager should be leading our NT and which players should be on it. I think it's funny that Matt Hernandez of all people was mentioned as someone who shouldn't be on the NT! He's not bad as a 4th or 5th dman on a regular team.

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