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05-24-2006, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by franchise player
It's not the first time I read one of your post and you assume that something is going to happen as a fact. I've read things about the drafts from variois source, indluding hfboards, and the only thing I know as a fact is that the draft never goes accordingly to the general concensus on hfboards. Never.
Come on now, I expect people here to understand that since it's a board, and we are entitled to our opinion, that I don't have to begin every phrase with ''In my opinion....''.

It is ALWAYS an opinion and I react the way, IN MY OPINION, I don't think this and that would happen. Since I ain't part of any organization, I ain't Bob Gainey or André Savard, of course I can't state anything as a fact.

I'm just a Habs lover writing out loud what I'm thinking, and it's always based ON MY OPINION. As everybody here is doing, when they say that this proposal is stupid, or that line chance will never happen, or that Gainey will never do this and that. Am I the only one who writes something without writing, IN MY OPINION, at the beginning of each sentence.

And since I don't want to do this, please note that each phrase I'll wrote from now on begins with ''IN MY OPINION''. The day that I'll have inside info, and it will be a fact, you'll either have a link or a source.....

P.S. And if you read my post properly, the fact that I wrote ''I believe'' , I really thought that it meant that it was MY OPINION.....

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