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11-21-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Dagenais View Post
You get 3 years pay for 1 year's work. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
Yes and No. If you are someone like Roberto Di Matteo, yes it is. If you are Pep Guardiola, no it isn't. Money doesn't matter at this point. I mean, yes it is important, but in between (Hypothetically) replacing Arsene Wenger and knowing the Arsenal Board will give you a MINIMUM of 5 years at 100K per week, or going to Chelsea with a constant uncertainty at 150k per week, what do you chose?

I'd personally (If I were Pep) go with Arsenal, not because I'm a fan, but because I have some money from Barca, and what is important is stability. I'd rather be comfortable, secure and gain 5 million per year , rather than gaining 7,8 Million per year but being uncertain.

Obviously this situation that I am portraying is mostly for managers who have experience, have some money, and do it for the job, not for the paycheck.

But there are some people who work with both; prime example is Abramovich's good friend Jose Mourinho. He would fit in perfectly in Chelsea (again). Anyways we all know he will leave Chelsea before he gets the chance of getting sacked

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