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11-21-2012, 11:57 PM
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Who Would You Want Most on Our Team: Kesler, M. Richards, or Bergeron

"none" is not an option

on the poll board, ppl were discussing who the best player was ( i thought it would be fun (or at least more entertaining than lockout talk) to discuss, not necessarily who's best, but who we'd take first on the team.

forgetting about trade value - who would you want to add most.

if you want brownie points for analysis (and just to encourage more chit chat) - if we were to do a trade, who would you be willing to give up for each player?

i went with Kesler. I hate his diving shenanigans and he seems like a real d-bag of a guy. i have a sense that the diving is part and parcel with the team he's on and if he were on a team that isn't known for diving (which we are not!) he'd improve. i think he's more skilled than Richards or Bergeron (although I really like both players a lot) and I like his size.


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